photo Giving personal attention to every client in a wide range of legal matters, Robert C. Eber brings 40 years of comprehensive legal experience to the table. Bob has maintained his law practice in the Kendall area for over 40 years. Having graduated with both B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Miami, Bob is a member the Florida Bar, the Bar of the U.S. District Court for both the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida, as well as the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. He has been a Certified Circuit Civil Mediator since 2007. Bob was a former member of the Standing Committee of the Florida Bar for the unlicensed practice of Law and has been a lecturer for Miami Dade College.

As a real estate attorney, Bob is a member of Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, with his membership dating back over four decades and is a licensee of the American Land Title Association. Bob has represented both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial transactions for over 40 years. He represented the City of Miami during the acquisition of property upon which the Knight Center was built. His largest single real estate transaction involved property over $20,000,000. Bob has litigated virtually every aspect of real estate related litigation including breach of contract, construction (mechanics) lien prosecution and defense, construction defect prosecution and defense, ejectment, eviction, foreclosure, re-foreclosure, quiet title, and professional malpractice against architects and designers. As a corollary to his real estate practice, Bob has represented condominium, homeowners, and co-operative associations from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade County and has handled all of their transactional and litigation needs.

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As a trial lawyer, Bob has handled through verdict, in both jury and non-jury trials, a wide variety of Civil and Commercial cases ranging from Assault and Battery, Breach of Contract, Civil Theft, Collections for all types of contracts, debts, instruments, and agreements; Contractual Disputes, Conversion, False Arrest and False Imprisonment, Misrepresentation and Fraud through Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, and Product Liability.
As a trial lawyer, Bob has handled through verdict, in both jury and non-jury trials, the Foreclosure of Assessment Liens; Enforcement of the Declaration, Restrictions and Covenants; Enforcement of Rules and Regulations; Injunctions to Prohibit the Continuing Violation of the Declaration; Injunctions to Prohibit the Continuing Violation of the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations; Defense of the Association in Contractual Disputes; Defense of the Association in lawsuits brought against the Association or Board of Directors by Owners; and Lawsuits to Remove Tenants and Occupants.
Preparation of amendments to the Declaration, By Laws and Rules and Regulations; Preparation of Notices and Minutes for Board of Directors and Owners’ Meetings; Attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors and Owners; Preparation of Legal Opinions on Topics Requested by the Association; Review of Contracts for the Association; and the Preparation of Leases and Applications for Purchase or Lease for use by the Association.
Mediation of cases and disputes involving Breach of Contract; Civil and Commercial Litigation; Community Association Disputes and Litigation including Assessment Lien Foreclosure, Violation of the Governing Documents and Claims against Fiduciaries; Construction Defect Litigation; Mortgage Foreclosure; all Landlord Tenant issues; Professional Malpractice involving claims against Architects, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Design Professionals and Engineers; and Real Estate Disputes and Litigation.
Malpractice and negligent acts committed by Architects, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Design Professionals and Engineers.
Representation of Buyers and Sellers in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions; Performing Title and Closing Services and Abstract Review; Representation of Private Investors and Institutional Lenders (including preparation of notes, mortgages, assignment of lease, rents and profits); Preparation of Contracts for Sale and Purchase; Preparation of Commercial and Residential Leases; Post Foreclosure Title Review (Providing Title Opinions identifying title problems a purchaser of a foreclosed property will encounter in bringing the property to the market); Representation of a property owner before various Municipal and County Boards and Departments; and Preparation of Joint Venture, Partnership, LLC, and Corporate Agreements for Land Acquisition, Development and Management.
Prosecution or Defense of Breach of Contract for Purchase and Sale; Prosecution or Defense of Breach of Agreement for Land Development and Management; Prosecution of Foreclosure for Private Individuals and Investors; Defense of Foreclosure; Representation of Buyers in all Post-Foreclosure matters including securing a Writ of Possession and defending Objections to Sale; Representation of private property owners, both residential and commercial, in proceedings for Eviction, Ejectment, Partition, Quiet Title, Re-foreclosure, and Specific Performance; Prosecution and Defense of Claims for Real Estate Commissions.